Getting Started

What is is a cloud delivery platform for live-streaming video. We are the link between your on-set or post production hardware and the screens of your remote viewers. is designed specifically for the needs of the film industry, featuring realtime secure streaming with a browser-based viewer that doesn’t require downloads, plugins, apps, or account creation.

How do I pay for SetStream?

We use a pass-based system. You’ll pre-purchase passes from our shop. Your passes will become available in your account dashboard for use anytime. When you’re ready to use a pass, activate it within a project and you’ll unlock streaming for the pass’s duration. You can even activate multiple passes at once in order to extend the duration.

How do my clients view the stream?

Viewing the stream is very simple. Once you’ve invited viewers from the project page, they’ll receive an email with an individual link and password that is unique to them. They’ll simply copy the password, click the link, paste the password and get access to the stream.

Our viewer is browser-based and is compatible with all major devices, operating systems and most browsers. There are no downloads, apps, plugins required.

Getting Started Overview

Viewer Page Overview

What do I need to start streaming?

To start streaming, you’ll need a video source, and encoding hardware. You’ll need one of the following options. View our tutorials and compatibility article for more details.

Hardware Encoder

Ideal for mobility, battery powered, run and gun

Capture Device + Chrome Browser

Ideal for simple setup, lowest latency, highest security

*We recommend recent MacBook Pro model

Capture Device + OBS Studio

Ideal for customizability, multicam, image scale/rotation

*We recommend recent MacBook Pro model

What about Post Production?!

SetStream isn’t just for streaming from set. We’re perfect for post too! Using our screen sharing functionality lets you stream to your clients for realtime review sessions and collaboration. Even take advantage of Multicam feature to stream a hero feed to A-Cam and screen share to B-Cam so your clients can all the adjustments you’re making in realtime.

Screen Sharing Tutorial