Getting Started

What is is a cloud based remote collaboration service for film and television professionals. We are the link between your on-set or post production hardware and the screens of your remote viewers. is designed specifically for the needs of the film industry, featuring realtime secure streaming with browser-based and iOS viewers that doesn’t require downloads, plugins, or account creation.

How do I pay for SetStream?

We offer annual and monthly subscriptions as well as short term daily and hourly passes. Subscriptions can be attached to any Project on your account, and moved between projects.
Passes are stored on your account until you are ready to use them, and can be activated on a single project at any time. Viewer counts and duration can be update anytime through the Project page.
Passes can be used in addition to Subscriptions for more flexible viewer counts.
We offer 1 hour free trials that can be used once a day. NO CREDIT IS NEEDED to create an account with a free trial pass. Simply checkout with a free trial to create your account and start collaborating.

How do my clients view the stream?

Viewing the stream is very simple. Emails can be sent directly to your viewers through the Project page viewers tab. Alternatively a Link + Code or an embedded link can be copied and shared by any other means. In a web browser or our iOS app your viewers will use the link and code provided by you or in the email to log in to your project. Viewers do not need to create accounts to collaborate with you.

Getting Started Overview

What do I need to start streaming?

To start streaming, you’ll need a video and/or audio source, and either a capture device or encoding hardware. Here are some of the available options. View our tutorials and compatibility article for more details.

View our tutorials and compatibility article for more details.

OBS Studio (Recommended)

  Best control, widest capture device selection.  More detailed setup required. *We recommend Apple M1 / M2 devices

Web Browser (Simplest Setup)

  Ideal for quick simple setup, screen sharing, multiple streams. *We recommend Apple M1 / M2 devices with Google Chrome

Hardware Encoder (Great for on set)

  Ideal for mobility, battery powered, run and gun, and when using a computer is inconvenient. *Performance and latency over RTMP may not be as good

Screen Sharing

Want to share your timeline so your viewers can see the changes you are making in real time? Screen Share your session on the B Camera feed so you viewers can watch the high quality picture (A Camera) along side your timeline changes to follow your changes. supports up to 4 high quality video feeds simultaneously.

Screen Sharing Tutorial