About Us

As on set professionals, we understand the recent shifts in production and post production practices and are familiar with the pain points these shifts have produced. SetStream.io was created out of these changes. The need to reduce on set personnel, while still maintaining an efficient process of content creation pushed Kelsey and Thatcher to develop a tool to make this transition simpler for everyone involved.

Our goal was not to reinvent the wheel, or revolutionize how production is done. We aim to offer an application that fits the structure of how production has always been done. We want to give producers the ability to engage with client/agency remotely the same way they did in person. We want to be the “virtual SDI cable” between Video Assist’s playback system and remote viewers.

Most of all this is a passion project. Kelsey’s love for applying his skillset in order to reduce the technical demand on others, coupled with Thatcher’s endless joy for tinkering with technology is why SetStream exists.

Meet the Team