Covid-19’s second wave is sweeping the world and we at SetStream recognize this isn’t going away soon. We are committed to improving and adding features, enabling you to continue to safely create and work in this time of crisis.

Multicam Support: You asked for it, now it’s here!

  • Stream from multiple locations. Stream up to 4 cameras whether they’re in a single location, or spread around the world.
  • Web Broadcast, OBS Studio, RTMP Support. Mix and match camera sources from all the different streaming methods that we offer.

Great for Post Production Too’s Multicam feature isn’t just for production. Use it in post too. Stream your hero video feed alongside a screen share of your desktop interface so your clients can see your timelines and precise adjustments.

4K All Day!

If you’re fortunate enough to have a robust high bandwidth connection to your clients, you can stream high bitrate 4K video using Assimilate Scratch or OBS Studio. is resolution-agnostic when streaming from these sources. So clients can see their content in full resolution.

Subscription pricing coming soon

We’re working hard to bring monthly subscriptions to our users. Contact support for details.

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Mask up and Stay safe!

Hello again from We want to share with you some of the updates and new features we’ve been working on!

We Love Post!

  • Post Passes. We now have 1, 3, 5 hour passes to fit the needs of post production. activate multiple passes at once, or incrementally to create a session that fits your exact needs. This is perfect for review sessions.
  • Realtime OBS Streaming. Thanks to CoSMo Software for their hard work developing a WebRTC version of OBS Studio. This provides 200ms realtime streaming at any bitrate through SetStream. Check out our tutorial on how to get started streaming in realtime via OBS.

Incremental Improvements

  • Project Management, including project renaming/removal, clear chat history
  • Directly access projects from your Account Dashboard without needing project-specific password.
  • Teradek compatibility. RTMP Stream Keys are now available directly on the project page without having to contact support.
  • Viewer Pricing Flexibility. We’ve created more flexibility around viewer access by adding 20 viewer and 45 viewer passes. We’ve also added a 10 viewer add-on pass for when you unexpectedly need to add viewers.

Multicam coming soon!

We’re excited to announce that Multicam support is on it’s way! Soon you’ll be able to stream multiple cameras, including production and on-set witness cams. Stream up to 4 cameras, from one or multiple locations spread around the world

Get to know

If you haven’t used SetStream yet, check out our Getting Started section to find out how it works, and what you need to get started. Then sign up for a free trial to see how fits in your workflow.

Please contact us with any questions and we’ll be in touch again when we have more exciting news and updates.

Web Broadcast Quality Improvements

Broadcasting from the web browser on SetStream has always been easy. From fully-encrypted transmission, to ultra low-latency, to simplicity and ease of use, our built-in Web Broadcast module brings a lot to the table.  That is why we have been working hard to improve upon its quality and reliability.  I’m writing today to let you know about some big steps we’ve taken to improve our service.  Those improvements include:

  • Overall image quality enhancements
  • Fast connection negotiation when stream starts
  • Support for Blackmagic UltraStudio, Decklink, and Mini Recorder
  • Additional security, stability, and layout improvements

For the best experience we recommend using the Chrome web browser.

New Features to Come

Thank you to everyone who has given feedback and feature requests. We hear you loud and clear and are excited to implement some very exciting new features soon. This is just a tease. We’ll have more details soon!

We've Gone Global!

We are now officially world-wide. We quietly opened sales in South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa last week. Today we open the EU. You can now use SetStream no matter where in the world you are.

We’ve been vigorously adding content to our Kowledge Base. If you haven’t been there recently, check out the new tutorials and our revised Device Compatibility article.

Ready, Set, Stream!

We are excited today to release to you, a streaming service that creates a virtual video village so client, agency, and production can view and collaborate in real time on any device from anywhere.  

SetStream is designed specifically to meet the needs of production in the post-COVID era. Kelsey Wood, founder of SetStream and a Sound Mixer based in Seattle, WA, says, “During the Covid-19 shutdown I had a lot of time to think about the challenges presented by working together remotely. Collaboration is at the very core of film making. With SetStream, I wanted to create a dedicated tool focused on the unique needs of the film, television, and media workflows, while supporting the shift to working together, remotely.”

Kelsey along with his business partner Thatcher Kelley, a Colorist and DIT also based in Seattle, have used their first-hand knowledge of on-set workflow and demands to inform the design and functionality of SetStream. The three tenants at the core of their new service are: Security, Speed, and Simplicity.

We know that time and efficiency are high priorities for production. A production day is scheduled down to the last possible second, so the last thing anyone needs is a delay in video feed to hold up production. SetStream uses WebRTC to bring you live video from set in real-time. Your client and agency teams/viewers won’t miss a beat.

Most productions have strict privacy policies, therefore, creating a secure connection between set and the viewer was paramount. SetStream utilizes fully encrypted communication to ensure that your private information and intellectual property is protected. We also feature user-based authentication giving producers full control over who accesses the stream.

We strive to make Setstream as easy and seamless as possible, no one needs another app to install and learn or lengthy setup on top of a busy shoot day. Our client viewer is entirely browser-based and scales to all sizes allowing you to view the stream on a computer, tablet, or phone.

Simply buy the pass that you need for your shoot day, invite your team members using their email address, where they will receive a link and unique security code, and you are ready to stream.

Ready to start streaming?

Demo a free trial to see how SetStream can work for your production and explore the Kowledge Base page for guides and tutorials to help get you up and streaming in no time.
Feel free to contact us with any questions and we’ll be in touch again when we have more exciting news and updates.