Yes.  Using WebRTC, HTTPS, and DTLS encryption, your content is secured during transit.  User authentication allows control of who is watching so you can be sure only authorized users can access your set.

SetStream supports multiple streaming sources.  Those include:
  • Streaming through a web browser with common USB capture sources such as AJA U-Tap and Blackmagic Web Presenter. Get up and running quickly without having to learn or install new software.
  • Dedicated streaming software such as OBS Studio and Assimilate Live Assist or any other RTMP capable software.
  • Common dedicated hardware streaming devices such as Teradek Cube, Bond, and ATEM Mini Pro.

Yes.  Our Short Day Pass will allow streaming from set to be available up to 5 hours and up to 5 concurrent users at a very affordable price.

Yes!  We are backed by a global network infrastructure custom designed for low latency streaming with a proven track record.

Your streaming experience is important to us. We are here for you if you need it with our responsive live chat and form submission support channels.

No.  We do not record or keep any portion of your video on our platform.  The video is broadcast live from set to you with average latencies below 500ms.  This keeps your video content safe and secure

The best way to accomplish this is still with VTR on set.  VTR can record each take and playback those takes across the live stream for your clients to watch.  With low latencies averaging around 500ms this will feel just like you are on set watching playback and can provide feedback and playback requests in near real time.

A simple video switcher like the Black Magic ATEM mini Pro, or a quad split device like the Decimator MD-Quad will allow multiple video sources to be combined into one stream to send through SetStream.io. OBS Studio can also be configured with multiple input sources.

We value productions using local crew and vendors. If you don’t have crew or equipment providers that are familiar with live streaming equipment, we have resources to help get you started, and a list of qualified partners that we are happy to recommend and connect you with.

We use our browser-based publisher to transmit over WebRTC (Real-Time Communication), a cutting edge technology to transmit video with latencies averaging between 200-500ms.

In addition to WebRTC we support RTMP uplink, which typically adds some latency.

SetStream.io fully supports receiving streams from Teradek hardware encoders. Contact support for details on how to connect.

No dedicated apps are needed to use our service. Our client viewer is entirely browser-based and scales to all sizes allowing you to view the stream on a computer, tablet, or phone.

We have not figured out how to provide/stream food via the internet yet, so for now unfortunately your clients will have to provide their own snacks.  However since they can watch and collaborate from home, I don’t foresee this being a problem.

Smell-o-vision is in beta testing though.