Device Compatibility

Web Broadcast (Browser)

Streaming through our built-in Web Broadcast module requires an input device. Most devices that appear as a webcam (UVC) work as well as Blackmagic’s range of UltraStudio and Decklink products.

In the past Chrome was our recommended browser for best quality and reliability. Unfortunately recently a bug made its way into Chrome and other similar “Chromium” browsers when used with Blackmagic Deckling and Ultrastudio devices, causing them to not appear in the device list. At this time there isn’t a fix. If you’re using a Blackmagic device, we recommend you use OBS Studio WebRTC for streaming instead of the browser. Chromium developers are aware of this bug and are working to fix it. There is no current estimated date for resolving this bug, but we’ll update this as soon as it’s been fixed.

Below are devices that have been specifically tested with the Web Broadcast module. Additional devices may be compatible, but haven’t been tested.

Compatible Browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge

Compatible Computers

  • 2018 MacBook Pro or higher system
  • Equivalent spec'd windows computer
  • M1 Mac Mini, Studio, Macbook Air

Input Devices

  • Blackmagic ATEM Mini
  • Magewell USB Capture SDI Plus
  • Elgato Cam Link
  • AVer Media Live Gamer 2-Plus
  • NDI Tools Virtual Input

**BMD Mini Recorder Thunderbolt 3 version is one of our favorite devices. It’s inexpensive and sends a clean video feed. There is a quirk with this unit caused by bugs in the BMD Desktop Video drivers. Sometimes you won’t get a picture, but just a black image. If this is the case, disconnect the Mini Recorder, restart your computer, plugin the Mini Recorder, connect a video source and make sure there is a video signal feeding the recorder. Then open OBS Studio or Chrome for broadcasting. If you open OBS or Chrome before the Mini Recorder is receiving a video signal from the source, this could cause the black image problem.

Computer Requirements

The Web Broadcast module requires moderately fast GPU/CPU speeds. We recommend a modern i7-based MacBook Pro or equivalent Windows computer.

We are big fans of the Gen 1 M1 Mac computers, which are all very capable of streaming at least 1 and in some cases 2 full HD feeds. M1 Mac Mini and MacBook Air are economical, streaming machines!

RTMP Broadcast

We also support a RTMP based uplink. Below are hardware and software encoder solutions that have been specifically tested with Additional encoders may be compatible, but haven’t been tested.

Hardware Encoders

  • Teradek Cube/Bond
  • Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro

Software Encoders

  • Assimilate Live Looks/Assist
  • OBS Studio

* If you are planning to use the Teradek Cube/Bond,  contact SetStream support at least 24 hours before use to obtain your stream key.

Viewer Portal

The viewer portal is quite versatile. It is compatible across devices, operating systems, and browsers.