Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing is straight forward using SetStream and Chrome/Edge browser. If you only need to stream a video feed of your desktop or a window without any sound, the setup is very easy. Just go to your broadcast tab and under ‘Video Device’ select ‘Screen Sharing’. You might be asked to approve screen sharing in your system preferences and restart Chrome only the first time you use it. Then boom, you’re streaming!

Audio Setup

In order to transmit audio from your edit or color session, you’ll need a third party tool called Black Hole. Download it Here. Once installed you can now route your application audio to the ‘Black Hole’ device. Then in SetStream you’ll select the ‘Black Hole’ device as your source.

In order to send audio from your application to SetStream via Black Hole as well as through your System speakers, you’ll need to create a multi-output device in your MacOS Audio Midi Setup and select your speakers as well as the Black Hole device. Then in your application, select the Multi-Output devices as your destination.

Multicam for the win!

Counter-intuitively, Multicam can be a great asset in post production. A colorist can stream their hero video feed via a color managed workflow to SetStream as A-Camera, while streaming their application UI on B-Camera so that clients can see the specific adjustments they’re making.

Screen Sharing Tutorial