We now offer an easy way to save money and have unlimited access to SetStream via subscriptions.

First you’ll want to signup for an account by checking out with a free trail.

Sign Up!

Next, you’ll navigate to the Subscriptions tab.

This is where you’ll be able to purchase one or more subscriptions, modify them, and attach each one to a particular project to activate streaming

You can also attach a subscription on a project from within the project itself.

Let’s look at the purchase option below.

Simply select monthly or annual, viewer count, and then checkout where you’ll be asked for a form of payment.

Once the process is complete, your subscription will appear in the list where you can attach it to a project as shown below.

By pressing the “Manage Subscriptions” button, you can modify the term or viewer count of your subscription. You can also update your method of payment and cancel subscriptions from here.

When you modify your subscription mid-term, the pricing will be prorated. If you increase your subscription you’ll only be charged the difference for the remainder of the term period, and if you decrease, you’ll receive credit for future terms.

That’s basically it! Our subscription options are simple and easy to manage, and are ideal for production and post, both freelance as well as facilities of all sizes.