Shareable Links

We now have more ways to provide viewer access to your project.  Personalized email invites, shareable link + code, and embedded links.

Link + Code can be shared with multiple viewers and provide increased security and anonymity with convenient access.

Embedded links provide added convenience where one link can be shared with multiple viewers, and access is provided without the additional step of entering a code.

When a viewer logs in with a Link + Code or an Embedded Link, they will be in a waiting room where the project manager can approve access.  This keeps the same level of fine grained control over who has access to your project while making the initial access more convenient.

For even quicker access, turn on Auto Approve and your viewers will skip the waiting room and be granted direct access.  Anyone with the link will have immediate access to your project.

At any time, a new Link + Code can be generated, invalidating the old links.